Visual Artist, Researcher, Performer, Facilitator
Emi Ori Cse, 2018

Eme Ori Cse

Packaging design for Peruvian Chocolatier, Death by Xoko.

Emi Ori Cse, 2018

Emi Ori Cse, 2018

Performance and Installation

Emi Ori Cse refers to the three selves in Yoruba thought. Emi is the breath imported by the supreme being. It's the part of self that is alive and has the automatic will to continuing being alive. Ori is the inner head or the inner deity. Its the part of you which considers things and it's where your particular morals and ethics come into play. Cse is your individual strife or struggle. It's the part that drives you forward and the part which actualises the will of the Ori. In Yoruba theory, the three selves are connected but exist separately within one being.

This performance and installation draws upon Yoruba theory and builds parallels between Ochun and the journey that Orichá culture has taken to the Caribbean, bringing in references of masquerade and concept of a mask.

Developed in collaboration with musician Paul Shofolahan.

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